Time for a cup of tea. And a lie down.

New recipe at Lovely Food

Weekend in our house is gardening time. In amongst managing the Edith behaviour. Edith’s terrible twos are peaking. Edith is now three. There was a small Edith break when Astrid and I went to the school open day where our job is to stand outisde and talk to the dads in the garden. Astrid’s job was to eat all the sausage rolls. Which she did a spectacularly good job of.

The girls planted their seeds this weekend. We put compost into the seedling trays and planted sweet peas, tomatoes, sweetcorn, courgettes, red peppers and cucumber (cubumber to Edith). I went a bit overboard buying sweet pea seedlings for the garden – my favourite of favourite plants – and was out in the garden last night as the sun was setting getting them all in the ground.

The kids were waiting at the door – asking when they could eat cake.
Because yesterday evening I baked two new cakes.

Kevin’s been asking for Victoria sponge cakes. And because Kevin had to put up with me shouting yesterday (sorry Kevin) I dusted off the white flour with good intentions – but didn’t bake any Victoria sponges – instead one cherry upside-down cake, and one peach tart. Both amazing. I quite like white flour now. Fine white flour from Doves Farm.

There was some time for editing photos. I’m still way behind so it’s the last time I use the strategy of shooting hundreds of photos to edit during the week. There are just too many. The Country Living Fair was full of pretty things – several of which made it home with me – and I had a great time shooting Hiromi’s Japanese dinner party class. This week. This week right.

On another note – we’re thinking of NYC in late October. Has anybody got a good house or apartment they’d like to rent to us in the Boerum Hill area?



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5 responses to “Time for a cup of tea. And a lie down.”

  1. Anna avatar

    What a lovely, if hectic, weekend!

    I love sweet peas, too — they were on the tables at our wedding all those years ago.

    Am clicking over to Lovely Food to see your cakes but wanted to swoon over your rata honey – that does bring back memories! Sitting on our counter is an old rata honey tin from childhood — did you ever have Blackball rata honey from Westland? Must take a photo to show you…

    Have a great week, Charlotte!


  2. Gillian avatar

    We are experiencing some epic terrible two behaviour in this household too. I share your sweet pea love…they’re so pretty. It was the only flower I grew with any real success last summer and they filled jam jars and vases all summer long…happy days.

  3. OhAbigail avatar

    Oh anything with cherry in it is good in my book and would definitely make up for any size of freak out!

    1. charlotte avatar

      ah yes! you’re the cherry lady aren’t you 🙂

  4. Lillian avatar

    Such beautiful images! And I love hearing about all your baking endeavours, they inspire me so 🙂

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