I’ve always been under the impression Sushi was imposible to make and required great skill to get it rolled and that it would all fall apart until I’d spent months practicing. Astrid however was more optimistic, and with a few bouts of pestering me about the nori that had been in the pantry for over a year, I said ok, we’d make sushi.

It took two hours from start to finish – although we did make it again yesterday and it only took an hour.

Recipe at Lovely Food.






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  1. joanie avatar

    You have a wonderful blog here. Thanks for the lovely photos and recipes. I look forward to trying many of them myself and with my children. Cheers!

  2. Alessandra avatar

    I love sushi, do you know that a Kiwi invented a sort of tube that makes perfect norimaki? I got given one and, although I still prefer my mat, I have to say that it is great! I even found a Japanese ‘tube’ to make small sushi rolls (kappamaki etch, the type I prefer. Also, I prefer the sushi rolls as they do them in Japan, i.e. rolled without the seaweed inside like a spiral. And good to find a brown sushi version, I remember when I was living in Tokyo there were only a few places I knew where you could get that.


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