Easter long London weekend happiness

easter tree

Look! An Easter tree. We found the perfect branch on the Heath and carried it home and we didn’t blow the eggs. Instead I found a little box of 12 for £3 at Heals which must have been a mistake so I bought them and they assured me that was the right price so we had a lovely Easter tree!

Right. We’re all back here now. All posts are ported back to A+B – although I will be keeping Lovely Food with duplicate content for now. It was a fun adventure trying a new blog. It went well. But I’m A+B and that’s that. And here I am and here I’ll stay.

Sorry if anybody was expecting sewing. It’s all food at the moment. Although, there is sewing in the pipeline. And gardening. And soon we’ll be visiting cousins in Richmond again, and because we like to stay late we always drive even though there is a lovely train from Hampstead Heath all the way to Richmond.

Back in the olden days when I first arrived we got given a car. It took days and days of me calling for car insurance quotes before we found anything – it’s never easy when you first arrive in a country to get yourself sorted. But I digress. The car didn’t last long. It was a Citroen and my boyfriend at the time, who had a habit of ruining my cars, asked what I thought would happen if he adjusted the suspension whilst we were mid-drive. The answer: the car will die and we will be left stranded in Stratford up Avon with a massive garage bill. That’s what will happen.

My point was – I do quite miss not having a car and it’s always lovely to catch the train and watch the world go by. Long weekends are good for that. How nice it was having a four day weekend. How nice it was having all that time to spend with the family, to bake and to sew.



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6 responses to “Easter long London weekend happiness”

  1. Frau Haselmayer avatar

    So I’m not the only one struggling with my blogs/blognames…I really liked lovely food but I also can understand that you feel like putting everything up at here…

  2. Gillian avatar

    Oh, lovely food was great! But if you post the food stuff here that’s fine too!

    Sounds like a good Easter break. Excellent Easter tree, very thrifty. xx

  3. Leann avatar

    I’m glad you had a great weekend and I absolutely love that Easter tree! If only I could have had some Easter treats myself 🙂

  4. Anna avatar

    Well hello again, A + B! xoxo

  5. lillian avatar

    oh but i can’t see an apricot. or a tomato. am i lost??

    1. charlotte avatar

      hi Lillian – I moved the cake to today’s post 🙂

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