Good for the garden

When I took these photos it was a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago just before it started to rain. We had been to the garden centre and bought some new plants and then it started to rain and we went inside and put the plants in the kitchen.

The plants are still there, hoping they will be planted soon. The garden is happy and lush. I am happy. Because as you know, rain is my favourite weather. Right up there with crisp, clear Autumn mornings.

But the garden, she is happy. The bluebells are still in flower. The muscari still in bloom. My office looks out over the garden – I moved it down there so I could write, or sew, or take photos – while the girls play in the garden. Now in its second year, it’s coming along very nicely.

And once it stops raining I’ll plant the rest of the plants and have a little bit of an update. Because it has grown a lot with all this wonderful watery weather in Drought stricken London.






3 responses to “Good for the garden”

  1. Michelle avatar

    The one time we had a garden in London our landlord (who lived next door) decided to turn it into a building site so he could extend his property. The builders used to pee in a bucket in the garden! One day I will have a garden and maybe then I will learn not to kill things. Your flowers are so lovely.

  2. Emily Schneider avatar
    Emily Schneider

    Thanks so much for sharing the pictures of your beautiful garden. So bright and lovely!

  3. Megan avatar

    What beautiful light.

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