Another day in the Cotswolds

Words and art direction by Astrid

Still as beautiful as ever. This part of the world has enchanted us.

We drove through some very rough road with quite deep puddles and big pot-holes to get to Foxholes – today’s destination.

A pristine wood – and at this time of the year of course the bluebells are coming out.
There were fields of sheep and cows; meadows bursting with yellow flowers and nothing but the sound of the gentle May breeze and distant farmyard geese.

So pretty and magical we could have stayed for hours.






5 responses to “Another day in the Cotswolds”

  1. Gillian avatar

    Lovely. Excellent words and art direction Astrid!

  2. Kate avatar

    it looks heavenly! just the sort of day I love. we must pay Foxholes a visit while the bluebells are still out.

  3. Anna avatar

    lovely! and astrid is very talented!

    (and hi kate! i love seeing two of my favorite online people in the same place!)


  4. Anna avatar

    ps. got so excited by that mustard yellow and seeing kate that i forgot to say: this reminds me of the opening of howard’s end. those scenes in the bluebells…

  5. Nicola avatar

    It’s so beautiful. Love the bluebells. Reminds me of my best friends driveway in Spring – it was long, and hilly surrounded by trees and bluebells.

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