Sister Mag

Here are some Spring recipes I did for Sister Mag’s second issue. I need to go back to my macrobiotic phase – I felt so much better! Trouble is with Albion Cafe around the corner from work and all the amazing fresh chicken sandwiches and maple syrup yoghurt it’s no easy feat eating vegan plus one (as I call macrobiotics).

But I’ve discovered the wonderful health food store at Spitalfields on Commercial Street. It’s jam packed with stuff, and sometimes, on fun days they play very loud, very awesome techno music. I love it.






4 responses to “Sister Mag”

  1. Yvonne avatar

    ooooooooh what a beautiful spread!! Love it, you go girl!!

  2. Yvonne avatar

    + now I’m starving ….

  3. Igor avatar

    Sister Mag is fab. And so is your blog! New love!

  4. found and sewn avatar

    beautiful photos and the food looks amazing!

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