Just in case…

…anybody wondered. My life is happening.

I wonder a lot about things.
And sometimes think my life is shit.
And deep down I know that’s a silly thing to think.

Perhaps one day I’ll be an enlightened being.
Or I’ll have a huge pile of money to have a macrobiotic chef and a wonderful person to help my mind.
And then realise I can be my own macrobiotic chef and mind helper.

But in the meantime I will live in the modern world.
And try my hardest to pretend things are all really good.

And pretend I’m not worried about Israel. Or Syria. Or world leaders fucking it all up for all of us.
Or be worried about Chinese dissidents. Or people like Tom Hurndall. He lived just down the road from us and although I never met him he’s still my neighbour.







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  1. Nicola avatar

    It’s not hard to be worried by the state of the world. Sometimes I don’t want to watch the news because it’s always glum. I try to always think of the positives each day, there’s always someone worse of than you, even if some days it doesn’t feel like it!

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