The Luberon, again

Here we are.

Today I’m not so worried about politics. I’m slowly slowly getting into the Provence relaxation mode. We’ve had a fair few ups and downs of late. We came back from our week in the Cotswolds to discover we had no childcare. With no notice. Notice would have been good.

In that time, we’ve arranged to move to the country. Then un-arranged it.
All. Very. Unsettling. Trying to get things right for the girls. Right for all of us.

We’re going to stick to the original plan.
Work hard for another couple of years and take it easy later.
Desperate as I am to spend time with the girls – just two more years and we’re sorted.

Two more years of work and then I can sew, and knit, and write to my heart’s content.

Last night I re-read mum’s post, and then I went and read all the comments. How amazing they are – and how amazing I knew most of the people they were from. My brilliant old blog friends.






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