The Luberon

Quietly enjoying it.
The sun is shining.

Good organic Rosé is cheap.
Our second year in the Luberon near Apt – it’s beginning to feel nice and familiar.

Today we took the girls for haircuts.
Once we were there they took us out the back and turned on the lights to show us a huge children’s play room full of wonderful toys and books where we could wait while the other was having their hair cut.

I have reached the stage with my French where the French now speak English to me.
That’s a good sign.






3 responses to “The Luberon”

  1. carol @ perennial avatar

    I love your comment about the language. When I was in France on holiday I spoke German to people (my German is passable, my French non existent) and the fact that I was making an effort to speak something other than my native tongue meant they took pity and spoke English to me.


  2. Kim avatar

    Yes – even our poor attempts at French (taught to us mostly by our then 8 year old) meant we were forgiven for being anything other than French natives! That, and the boys were wearing Wallabies jumpers (“Ah, you are Australie? Ze rugby, no?”). I would love to be able to speak fearlessly in French!

    Now, tell me – do you put an ice block in your rosé?

    1. charlotte avatar

      Kim! I have finally installed the wordpress comment plugin so I can reply to comments!!!
      I didn’t put ice in my Rosé. Only if the bottle isn’t chilled 🙂

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