Little Miss Minnels Pinnels

Once upon a time there was a young lady called Little Miss Minnels Pinnels.

And Little Miss Minnels Pinnels used to stamp her feet and pout her lip when she didn’t get her own way. She would often not get her own way and Little Miss Minnels Pinnels did indeed stamp her feet quite a lot. And quite hard as well.

One day Little Miss Minnels Pinnels stamped her feet so hard that all of England became dislodged and she made England fall all the way through the earth and it fell out in China on the other side of the world. All because of her tantrums and the stamping of her feet. Little Miss Minnels Pinnels was indeed a very naughty young lady to make England fall all the way to China. What would everyone do with England, in China?

Little Miss Minnels Pinnels’ eyes opened as wide as saucers and she got out of bed in her pyjamas and tried stamping her foot on the carpet. Again she tried. And harder. The floor didn’t move. “Mummy, I didn’t really make England go all the way to China did I?”.

Mummy tried stamping on the carpet as well.
“I don’t think so Mooks. Perhaps Mummy was just making up stories again.”






One response to “Little Miss Minnels Pinnels”

  1. kim avatar

    i have one who goes to tears, one foot stamper, one kicker, and, most frustratingly, one (my) ankle kicker.

    i’m glad england got to stay where it should be. at least this time.

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