Getting organised

Juice day 1

After our holiday in France when we were back at home I was infused with a desire to clear the house out. Followed by a desire to clear my computer and organise my files. Then I cleaned all the drains in the house with bicarb of soda and vinegar.

With the influx of Raw food into London health food shops some of it’s been finding its way into our kitchen. And when I realised I was still eating bread, ham and butter in amongst the raw food I thought damn you Charlotte, let’s do it properly. Let’s cut loose and really do it. By that I mean 21 days of raw juice and smoothies.

So after a small scale house search I found the juicer under the sink, dusted it off and started juicing. Today has been my first day of juice. It was rather decadent of me this morning to juice 2 trays of berries – but we still had loads left over from our weekend berry picking excursion and it needed eating. Best thing I’ve ever drunk. Raspberries and blackberries.

Lunch was cucumber, spinach, apple and ginger juice. I had hunger pangs around 4pm but remembered the article I read yesterday – I don’t need to be scared of being hungry – I drank a load of water instead. And I was fine until I got home.

On the way home I stopped in at Planet Organic and got 8 kiwifruit, 4 plums and a small pineapple. I juiced those and added 2 tablespoons of Lucuma powder for my dinner. Oh it felt wrong putting the pulp in the compost – it could so easily be baked up into muffins or a cake – or indeed a raw cheesecake like the one I made on Sunday. So tomorrow I’ll make a smoothie for dinner and keep the pulp.

Things are slowly getting organised. I’m excited now about our plans. Clearing more stuff. Getting my life together. Spending time reading. And more time writing.

And spending my time noticing the world. And that is indeed a gift.






6 responses to “Getting organised”

  1. Lorre avatar

    Hi Charlotte,

    I really like raw food I have a favourite tabouleh recipe that uses finely chopped almonds instead of bulghur.

    You could add the berry pulp to raw truffle recipes like these:

    or maybe in a pie/crust:


    1. charlotte avatar

      Marvellous! Thanks Lorre.

      This Raw Cashew cheesecake also looks gorgeous:

  2. Michelle avatar

    Sounds interesting. I’m not sure that I could just drink juice for 21 days but am thinking of ways to get my eating habits back on track (boredom at work makes me consume my weight in sugary goods – oops).

    1. charlotte avatar

      Hi – yes 21 days is a long time. I’m just going to have to stick with it and not give up!!

  3. erin avatar

    hee! i’m on day 7 of a 21-day cleanse. i’m doing clean…not entirely raw, shakes in the morning and at night, food at lunch. i feel great. hope you have good success!

    1. charlotte avatar

      I saw that. I think that was a subliminal motivator amongst other things! Go you x

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