Angfurten trip

Vater's field
Edith's Löwenzahn
Das kleine müde Kind
In the shadows
Tired walkers
Mutti's old barn
Norbert's Garten
Es war schön warm
Holstein's Mühle
James Bond hotel in Köln

Back when it was Jubilee weekend I took the family to see my old (host) family in the countryside in Germany. It was hot. And the countryside was beautiful. And of course it was brilliant to introduce everyone to everyone (host family meet family). We sat outside in the late evening sunshine. Norbert and Ingo comparing Bordeaux wines. Birgit and I sampling the bubbly stuff.

It was Kevin’s birthday the day we arrived and I was a bit late remembering. The next day his birthday treat was a trip to Holstein’s Mühle – the Germany of my memories – a traditional restaurant with hot cherry cream waffles and the best farmer’s liver pate ever. We had neither but instead had steak, with garlic butter and salad. My mouth is watering thinking about it (on the evening of day six of my fast).

The next day we went on our old walk – up the hill and out into the fields overlooking Wiehl. It was hot and the children were tired. We carried sleeping children down the hill, along the path by the stream where I used to go running. Back around below the village we went. Norbert showing us all the wood the boys had cut down for Winter. We remember the field we’d searched for an elusive native orchid. Up by the old Roman road.

Walking under the dappled shade of the green birch leaves.
Heavenly German countryside.
This is where I used to go walking.
This is where I used to think and dream.
This place is a part of me.
And I of you, Angfurten.






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  1. Gillian avatar

    Hey Charlotte – i haven’t caught up with your blog for ages and ages, and now I’m kicking myself. This post is beautiful. Your photos are breathtaking and I really like the font you used for the text. Interesting hearing about your liquid fast too. Brave lady. And the handstands – wow! I don;t think I could every do a handstand, even when I was ten.

  2. Pauline avatar

    What a lovely trip. The countryside is beautiful there.
    Bye, Pauline

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