Juice fast day 6

Now I’ve had soup and a smoothie I’m not technically fasting.

What I’m doing is creating my own version of the Cambridge Diet. A friend lost 40kgs on it and I was going to go on it but I’m happy making up my own diet and using lovely fresh fruit and vegetables, and once the initial 21 detox days are up I will start to make my own super-dense raw energy bars – I’ve bought a load of dried fruit, superfoods and coconut and they are super easy to make.

I had red pepper soup last night. I just had to get some food into me as I was very unwell yesterday. I threw up beetroot juice all over the place and felt terrible and weak and light headed.

After I’d thrown up all the beetroot I sank into a blissful relaxation with Edith on the sofa and we had a long afternoon snooze. Edith slept. I enjoyed the rest.

Again, after I had the soup I fell into a blissful coma on the sofa. All the girls wanted do do was jump on me and I really just wanted to soak up the wonder of being. I felt full until morning – I couldn’t believe it – no hunger pangs at all – something I’ve been used to constantly the past two days.

Today I have had smoothie for breakfast. I just can’t stand by and watch berry pulp be chucked out once it’s been juiced. So it’s smoothies for some meals now, just to keep things in balance. As I’m not on a juice fast any more I’m going to have to call it something else – maybe liquid fast.

Since the smoothie and the soup I am not starving and weak anymore. It gives me the knowledge I can definitely do this for 21 days now I’ve added in blended food, not just juice.

Here’s what I’m going to have today

Breakfast: Berry smoothie
Punnet each blueberries, strawberries, raspberries – makes enough for 2 people

Morning snack: Cacao and date almond milk
Blend 2tbsp RAW cacao powder and 4 dates until smooth. Add 400ml organic almond milk and blend

Lunch: Peach and apple juice with carrot and celery
Juice of 3 peaches, 1 apple, 3 carrots and 1 stick of celery

Afternoon snack: Nectarine juice
Juice of 8 nectarines

Dinner: Raw celery and yellow pepper soup
3 yellow peppers, 3 sticks of celery – blended and gently heated

Weight lost to date: 4kg






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