Tuna and Leek Tart (or how I put on 5kg in France)

Tuna tart

In France you can buy pre-rolled organic pastry (already shaped in a circle for flans and tarts) for 1 euro at the supermarket. And in the house we stayed at in France there were loads of flan dishes and they had an amazing hot, fast oven.

We ate tuna and leek tart one day, Alsace tart the next. They were amazing. Then we harvested apricots and had apricot almond tart. It was so big it lasted four nights of pudding.

But it wasn’t really the tarts that put on the kilos. They only contributed to two. The second two came after getting back to London and deciding it was still okay to eat croissant for breakfast. When really I know it is very much not ok to eat a croissant for breakfast apart from when I’m on holiday in France.

Recipe on Lovely Food.






2 responses to “Tuna and Leek Tart (or how I put on 5kg in France)”

  1. Michelle avatar

    The dreaded holiday-eating-at-home syndrome. Truly dangerous to the waistline. Although how do the French do croissants everyday?

    1. charlotte avatar

      I don’t think they really do eat them every day 🙂

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