Playing dress up

On the weekends you’ll know by now that we go to Melrose and Morgan first thing each morning. Last week the girls wanted fancy meringues. Being on our current slightly tight budget we opted to buy one plain meringue, take it home and dress it up. Another of our weekend excursions is to the Newington Green greengrocer where we buy a load of berries; raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries – all for around £1.50 a punnet. Abel and Cole bring the cream each week and thus, we are always prepared for puddings whatever they might be.

Melrose and Morgan
Abel and Cole
Newington Green Fruit and Vegetables



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6 responses to “Playing dress up”

  1. Yvonne avatar

    How can you guys be on a tight budget???

    Man those meringues look good and so do the girl!! And so do the photos – all beautiful.

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Hahaha! I quit my job, that’s why 🙂 And the previous contract doesn’t pay for 50 days after invoice. That means we hack meringues this week x

  2. Lindy avatar

    Those are some giant meringues!! 50 days after invoice sucks!

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Yeah, they’re as big as rugby balls! And yes, 50 days makes for a fair bit of enforced saving !!

  3. Lyn Stewart avatar
    Lyn Stewart

    Hi Charlotte, the word on the street is if you beat said egg whites with sugar together and cook to whatever recipe u desire they will be even cheaper, and you could all have one lol! As always love your blog and your photography is so beautiful I want to run out and start making meringues asap!

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Haha! Very good point 🙂 Do you know I have NEVER made meringues!!

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