Get your Instagrams printed (by nice people)


I’m a huge fan of Copygram. I know some people might freak out at the mention of the word copy – but it’s not about nicking people’s pictures at all – Copygram does a great job of being flickr for Instagram – and they really don’t let you steal photos at all.

You can do everything you like with Instagrams, view your friends’ photos on one great big web page, look at people’s friends – look, anything you want, you can do it. You really need to have a look – I was beside myself with excitement when I found it. Good interface design. Easy to use – actually, really, it’s the best way to view Instagrams. Full stop.

And now, they print your Instagrams, package them up in a cute little embossed wallet and send them out, from Sweden, no less.

I love Copygram.
And so should you.







3 responses to “Get your Instagrams printed (by nice people)”

  1. Gillian avatar

    Such a good idea.

    Sadly I don’t have instagram on my crappy blackberry, but one day, when I join the 21st century, I will be the proud owner of an iPhone – probably when no-one else has them anymore.

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Ah you don’t need one. I want my old Cath Kidston Nokia back – but it got lost when we moved back from NZ.

  2. Bianca from the Little Scandinavian Blog avatar

    Oh, what and excellent idea! That would probably make a nice granny present!

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