Le Citizen Hotel du Canal Paris

It’s almost two weeks since we returned from our lovely stay in Paris – the highlight was of course Le Citizen Hotel. The children loved having iPads, sitting on the long sofa by the window, jumping up every time a boat came through the lock, watching as the road closed, the bridge slid open and the boats would motor through. They never tired of this activity and when we were out, wandering the local area – just strolling around – we would race up the bridge if a boat was coming through and watch the whole event from start to finish.

There are still more photos to post – the nearby shops were amazing, original and so interesting, we discovered the best coffee in Paris just around the corner. And we discovered what we think is definitely the best part of Paris – Canal St Martin, just a bit North East of Republique.

We had a great little wander down to Rue Bretagne on our first morning there, down to my favourite park, where of course now the children can play – so funny to think I used to sit here and drink wine in the sunshine in my 20s. The food market and shops were open, as they were on previous visits – but better than before now my tastes have improved. We bought creme fraiche, hand-made butter, gorgeous tomatoes and perfect baguette for a picnic in our hotel room.

More little series of photos to come. Tomorrow is blogging day – I can’t wait!







3 responses to “Le Citizen Hotel du Canal Paris”

  1. suzy avatar

    So lovely! I’ll have to bookmark that hotel for next time we’re in Paris. We walked all around that neighbourhood when we were there in 2010, and Ali played in the same playground. I love watching the lock.

  2. Yvonne avatar

    Beautiful, even the façade is very you! Oh and linen curtains, I need some …

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Ikea does some lovely duck egg blue linen curtains – I need to put ours up.

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