Around Rue des Vinaigriers

Paris really was incredible. I’ve stayed in Paris a few times. The first time I went I was, well, there’s no better way to put it than I was like a dog hanging its head out the car window panting with excitement. That was me, age 16. We’d driven from Cologne overnight. And we eat Lobster by the Eiffel Tower. Heck it was amazing. It was proper silver service, cooked at the table, sauce made in front of me. I was besmitten.

And now, again, I am. Again. Just like then. But now I’m in love with the 10th.

Twenty three years later I’m now impressed by authentic Mexican on a streetcorner in a building covered in grafitti. I’m all aflutter at the shop that sells birch tree trunks and seed pods for ones interior. Raw smoothies get me going, and a good organic wine shop. Or a Pinata shop with handmade crepe paper pom poms for five euros.

Oh yes. Bring it on. (And that rather handsome man outside the gallery vegetale, I think I’ll take him home too).

It was so much fun going to Paris – who would have thought I’d generate so many photos out of just over a day and a half! Really though, I am beside myself with excitement that the kids are now old enough to travel with and I can combine all my great passions; technology, travel and photography. I think though with the use of hotel WIFI I’m going to read up on mac security and viruses because I upload all my travel photos to an external cloud service and if somebody got in because of a security slipup I think I would be a bit cross with myself!

Happy travels all. Our next trip is coming up in just three weeks. Yippee!







5 responses to “Around Rue des Vinaigriers”

  1. Samantha avatar

    Lovely, lovely photos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Igor avatar

    THIS is BEYOND great!! Thank you so much for pointing me to it! I am off to Paris beginning of October and I must go and visit some of these places myself. I am in deep love with your photography!!!

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Ahah ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you Igor x Some photos of the lovely hotel also a few posts back. It is such a great area. You would love it – and also the market on Rue Bretagne just a 15 minute walk away. So great!

  3. Igor avatar

    I saw the hotel post too – so great! However, I always stay with friends in Paris so at least I got a glimpse into the hotel through you:-) And thanks for the tip – I will check it out in November!

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Ah you lucky thing! Well โ€“ I look forward to seeing your Paris discoveries ๐Ÿ™‚

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