Ten Belles coffee bar, Paris

Without a doubt the best coffee in Paris. We were lucky to arrive only a few days after they opened. How fortunate we were. It’s hard travelling with a coffee-a-holic in a city renowned for not really having the coffee scene down yet.

Thomas was a very nice chap. He’d been to Sydney but learnt how to make coffee in Paris, from an American. And I have to say, even though they didn’t do soya, it was the best latte I’d had in a very long time. On par with Lantana.

Even better than the latte though, and the gorgeous cakes, and the lovely location, just around the corner from our hotel, Le Citizen – were the fresh raspberry canes in vases. Their florist is an utter genius.

Find them on Facebook. (Closed mondays)



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  1. Gillian avatar

    Fresh raspberries in vases – what a lovely touch. I like that.

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