Surprise visit to Maltby Street Market

Yesterday I got a tweet from Erin saying she’s in London and did we want to meet. Well, yes of course we did, so I quickly thought of the best place to meet because we were going up to Oxfordshire for lunch and we’d only have an hour and a half or so for coffee and breakfast.

Maltby Street it would be. That would save me baking a cake – we could just buy a pile of doughtnuts and a nice loaf of bread. Sorted! And sorted!

We bundled everyone in the car and got our usual free parking space yay! It was an incredible bright sunny Autumn morning and Erin and Fatty were waiting for us – we’d got stuck in traffic and were a bit late. I went and asked the ham shop guy how it worked – could we just sit at any table, where was the coffee, where was the loo?

Back at the beginning of the market we found the coffee (no soya though), up where the loos were, then wandered down, hoping for cooked eggs! We didn’t find cooked eggs, but we did find some quite gorgeous savouries and inside seats right at the end. The girls sat very patiently while we caught up – we worked out it was over two years since we’d last met one May at Carluccio’s in Islington. So much had happened, ice storms, kids growing up so much, schools, how far we drive each day, where’s the best place to eat in London. Dreams of the countryside, dreams of London.

Ha! It was great to catch up with old blog friends. I could easily have spent a whole day talking and listening and hearing stories and laughing. It’s really so good to have these connections to people, whom we occasionally see but will always be great friends.







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    It was such a treat to sit and talk with you and Kevin and the girls! Thank you for making it work. We also had a lovely dinner at Andrew Edmunds – it was the perfect recommendation. xo

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