A day out at Rachel’s

Yesterday we drove up to Oxfordshire to see Rachel and Sherry and the boys. Sherry was over from New Zealand and I have only seen Rachel a couple of times since I’ve been in the UK. We brought up a box full of St John doughnuts for dessert. The kids LOVED them! And so did the adults.

It was a busy day, and Rachel and I between us probably managed ten sentences until we were interrupted by children, dogs or dogs chasing sheep! So I’m hoping soon to visit where we’ll have time to talk properly – about skincare and music and makeup and things we used to talk about.

The girls loved hanging out with the big boys, playing in the back garden and especially on the trampoline. Mojo was in amongst it all too of course. Astrid and Edith were very excited, when, at the end of the day we went for a walk and they got to hold Mojo’s lead.

The kids all wanted to be carried by the end of the day, on our shoulders even. Ha! Rachel commented the only time she’ll do that is when they are at a rock concert. Which totally reminded me I need to buy my Black Keys tickets. In the past year or so I’ve developed quite a liking for lo-fi bands from the Mid-West.

The Black Keys are pretty cool – they played at SXSW a couple of years back, and if you’re into rehearsal tapes, they’re releasing them next week. The kids are really into our music as well. Kevin’s on a mission to play them cool music so they won’t like boy band crap when they get older.

Anyway, all this talk of rock concerts, making me want to turn the music up even louder. Once we’d convinced the kids they could walk, we carried on to a field where we picked the best blackberries ever. Totally untouched by foxes wee like the ones on the heath these were the real deal. Sweet as sweet can be. And it made me suddenly realise it must be October already.

A really good day. So so nice to see old friends again. Kind of made me feel quite nostalgic for the future if that makes any sense.






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    Sounds like you’ve had a perfect weekend.

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