That brilliant young lady of Flagon & Satchel

I do feel quite the sisterhood thing with a clearly talented woman who’s willing to give life a punt without a degree. And I adore people who write slightly eccentrically with a touch of mad enthusiasm in such a lovely English way. You can tell that’s a person with amazing energy, and for that I am quite in love with the new discovery today of Flagon & Satchel.

Chloe has extremely good taste and a wild exuberant love of interiors, and life, that leaps from her blog so effervescently that I really just didn’t have any choice but to share some of her beautiful photographs. She’s great and I hope you do go and say hi over on her new blog.

Some of Chloe’s fabulous photos – all © Flagon & Satchel 2012

All images © Flagon & Satchel 2012






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