A splendid slumber

Another reason I love going to Honeysuckle Cottage is the bedding. It’s all white and cream and amazingly high quality. The duvets are thick and cosy, the pile of pillows is perfect for reading and watching Country File in bed with a nice cup of tea. I always used to think my mother was mad for having a heap of pillows – I would always just have the one for sleeping on and maybe a second one for my back if I was writing in bed. But now I realise the secret. Just turn one down and leave the rest where they are, shuffle down a bit and you’ve got a lovely protective soft puffy pillow wall behind you, ready for more reading, tea drinking and C Beebies when the morning comes.

John Lewis has a fantastic range of duvets and pillows to get your bed ready for winter.

I’m happy to say this post is sponsored by John Lewis. We shop there all the time for everything household. They stock a great range and their quality is fantastic.







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  1. Happy Interior Blog (@IgorJosif) avatar

    Nothing beats a fresh & clean bed! I’ve just changed my bedlinen yesterday and added a brand new blanket – so cosy!

    1. Charlotte avatar

      You are so right. Best thing in the world isn’t it!!

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