Our new life

It’s all signed now.

We are moving right after New Year.

I’m getting final removals quotes and I am going to start packing next week.The house is a lot smaller than the one we’re currently in so in order to be totally scientific about the move we went up and measured the house over the weekend and I have done a to-scale plan with our furniture in the rooms.

It’s just unbelievably beautiful up there. We looked at Stroud because I wanted the kids to go to the Steiner School over there – and I’m not ruling that out for the future – but for now we just love the countryside around Daylesford and that won over the school.

And we love Daylesford. I mean, come on, anybody who reads this blog knows I love shopping and food and interiors and Daylesford has all of that. There’s no way I’d move out to the middle of the countryside where there was nothing.

There’s a bit to be done on the house. The front door is quite drafty with a big half centimeter gap all the way around the door frame. Perhaps I can make a big rice-filled draft excluder for the time being. If you read my post about moving here you’ll know about that moment, in the vegetable field, driving in the little buggy with the Daylesford Manager in the pouring rain, taking photos for the Sister Mag article, when I knew this was the life I wanted. I got back in the car and said to Kevin, that’s it, we are moving here. It’s definite.

All because of the vegetable field in the rain that day.
When the divine intervention told me loud and clear that this was my new life.

Hello new life. I’m excited!






11 responses to “Our new life”

  1. Helen | Living Longingly avatar

    It looks great! I love that you just went ahead and took the plunge – so inspiring. Best of luck with it all, I’m looking forward to following the adventure!

    1. Charlotte avatar

      We did have one false start!! This time though I definitely know. Phew!

  2. Bornali Shade avatar
    Bornali Shade

    Very excited for you on your new adventure!

    1. Charlotte avatar

      It’s so exciting – and such a beautiful place!!

  3. erin avatar

    I’m excited for you!

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Just not the packing bit, right?!

  4. Gillian avatar

    It looks really gorgeous. I am so pleased for you, I know you’ve wanted this for a while. The cottage looks perfect. x

  5. Emily Schneider avatar
    Emily Schneider

    Very exciting! But what about work? Are you leaving your job? Or planning to telecommute?

    1. Charlotte avatar

      I have stopped working and am doing my own thing now Emily. A major reason for moving to the country – lower the living costs.

  6. Pauline avatar

    Finally that house in the Cotswolds. Congratulations. It looks like a wonderful and peaceful place. Good luck with the work but i’m sure the result will be stunning.
    Hugs, Pauline

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Thank you Pauline – we are getting ready xx

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