A mother’s Christmas

1) My Father’s Glory 2) My Mother’s Castle – both by Marcel Pagnol 3) Navy Haflinger clogs 4) Herve Chapelier nylon shopper 5) Silk flowers by Atelier Abigail Ahern 6) Burleigh hooped tankard jug (I always check to see if they have what I want as a second) 7) Cuisinart ice cream maker 8) Spanish riding boots

What would I like for Christmas?

On the way home from getting the girls this afternoon in Kentish town I saw a white plastic bag filled with air being tossed about by the wind high up in the air. It blustered up up up and down to the street and all the way back up higher than the houses. The white plastic bag against a white late-Autumn sky. It reminded me of nothingness. It reminded me of the wonderful plastic bag scene in American Beauty.

That’s what I really want for Christmas. Less stuff. My Christmas present to myself is getting rid of one hell of a lot of stuff. I got the removals quote yesterday. The guy is having a laugh, but also it’s a chance for us to cull and to do a bit of moving stuff up ourselves in advance in a van. Last year we might have had money to burn and we wouldn’t have blinked, but now with no Charlotte income in sight it’s time to be a bit clever and save money where we can.

So I don’t really want anything for Christmas, but hypothetically speaking, if I did want something for Christmas these things would be on my Christmas list.






3 responses to “A mother’s Christmas”

  1. Laura avatar

    I have never commented before, but I really love your blog and especially this post. I am also looking into some removal people right now! What a great Christmas present that would be.

  2. Anna avatar

    That’s one of the very best things about moving (there are lots of icky things, too!) — the purging. We still end up taking more than we’d like, but do manage to slough of some of that random stuff we’ve collected. Good luck with the sorting and packing! xx

    1. Charlotte avatar

      I keep on photographing things to put on eBay then they take ages to sell and I am wondering if it’s worth trying to sell the little bits. Furniture is going well. Too much to do and blinded by the headlights!

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