Laura Ashley and visiting Manchester

Isn’t it funny when you find some photos in your Lightroom that totally slipped your mind. And what a lovely surprise it was to find the Laura Ashley Press show photos here over the weekend. In amongst all the busy moving plans everything else really has fallen by the wayside. Apart from the book I’m writing which is taking up all my spare time. My favourite design at the Laura Ashley Press show was the Bloomsbury design which they are reviving from their archive. Really lovely and I really love the lilac sofa too. It would go perfectly in our new cottage, but we’re taking the red velvet one which will just fit. It was voted in three to one against the purple Heals sofa.

Laura Ashley were very kind to give us a £50 gift voucher, and I really hope it’s still in my wallet and hasn’t been taken out by the girls while they are playing shop, raiding mum’s purse. Because next time we head up to visit family in Leeds we can nip into the Laura Ashley shop in Manchester and put my gift voucher towards a new set of lovely lilac sheets. A funny connection that one because in New Zealand things like sheets and duvet covers are called Manchester. I just grew up with that being entirely normal but any Brits visiting must think it’s mad!

Has anybody visited Manchester before? I never have, I’ve never even really thought about it so I would have no idea where to even start. Of course it will be fun to book a hotel in Manchester because I love doing that kind of thing, but where to eat? What do do?

It looks like the Manchester Craft and Design Centre is the place to begin, with loads of independent designer makers there including Lily Greenwood, Wonderhaus and Laura Richardson – who has a bit of a Kiwi connection.

My favourite tea towel designer Mr PS hails from Salford, a fact I discovered via Creative Tourist, the definitive guide for creative tourists visiting Manchester.

What a website – it’s packed with info on culture, events, food and creative news. They’ve really gone to town on their Manchester city maps. Right, I’m off to go and do my research.

Have you got any Manchester travel tips you’d like to share?






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  1. Theresa avatar

    I think your blog gets more wonderful every time I come here! For a moment I actually thought I ended up on Laura Ashley’s promotion page: that is SUCH a beautiful picture 🙂

  2. flagonsatchel avatar

    I had THE BEST birthday weekend in Manchester a week or so ago! My tips on accommodation/things to do are limited as I was staying in a friend’s student house (you might be after something slightly more luxurious!) and saw little beyond the Manchester nightlife(!) BUT, we did do a day trip to Liverpool which was totally amazing. Breathtaking architecture and lots of great galleries and museums fab for all ages; The Walker Gallery, St. George’s Hall, The Tate- and many more which we couldn’t fit in. Liverpool One is a huge new shopping area and the docks are really beautiful. I loved it so much I’d move there tomorrow! Well worth a trip if you haven’t been- but do take a brolly and thermals! Chloe Xx

  3. Johanna avatar

    Oklahoma! Lovely shop-cum-Cafe for lovely drinks and lovely little things. They haven’t got a website yet, but do google. The Northern Quarter in general (walk up Thomas Street from Oklahoma) has lots of lovely shops and cafes (this is where the Craft & Design Centre is as well)..and the Chinese Arts Centre, which is most always worth a visit. If you’re venturing outside the city centre, Chorlton (esp. Beech Road) and Didsbury are lovely. Unless you’re into massive high street shopping, circumnavigate Market Street. Even though Piccadilly (where all the buses end and Market Street starts; and a massive Primark looms) is the centre of town, it’s the worst part of it. Make your way down south onto King Street (South?) and walk about St Ann’s Square and you’re in for a treat.
    And The Corner House! Art, Films, Books – all in one place. Not directly in the City Centre, but not far away. …I’ve got more, but I don’t know if you’ve already been, actually?


    1. Charlotte avatar

      You are the fountain of knowledge – no I haven’t been yet, keep ’em coming!!

  4. Timbo avatar

    Have you been to my lovely city yet ?enjoying reading through your posts , which I found on a link about the world’s most beautiful shop i.e Daylesford ! There is lots to do in the city , you might enjoy Chethams library , founded in 1653 and completely hidden in the city centre , it is like something from Harry Potter ! The name for bedding must be because it was the centre of the cotton industry for years , the bee is the city symbol , industrious workers of course , and you see it every where . The Northern Quarter is great lots of independent little shops and cafes tucked away down cobbled streets , think you would love that !

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Thanks Timbo – I still haven’t been yet, but I do need to hurry up because my Laura Ashley voucher runs out soon! Thanks for the fab tips 🙂 And glad you love Daylesford – me too!!

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