A Japanese book clearout

Roll up! Roll up! Amazing clear-out of Japanese sewing and craft books! I could take these to The Cotswolds, but they are now ready for new homes.

The girls and I have enjoyed many lovely items sewn from these but as they now reach being big girls it’s time to move on and let others enjoy these books without having to order them in from Japan.

They are flat rate £10 each plus £2.50 postage in the UK. Email [email protected] if you would like to buy one.

Happy to send more info and photos if a book is of interest but you need more details.

01 – Koharu no Fuku

02 – Every day with linen


04 – Junk Style

05 – Blanc et naturel by Mayumi Maeda, owner of Linnet

06 – Nani Iro

07 – Little girls clothes

08 – Mother and Daughter outfits

09 – Baby and infant clothes

10 – Baby crochet clothes and accessories

11 – Nani iro Mum and daughter

12 – Big Bags

13 – Baby stuff

14 – Funky knit and crochet (Lies, do you want me to post this to you?)

15 – Amazing skirt designs based on one pattern

16 – Fog linen work

17 – Tailored clothing for women

18 – Girls dresses






3 responses to “A Japanese book clearout”

  1. Anna avatar

    Don’t get rid of them, Charlotte! Too many really good ones!

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Anna, it’s about a third of the collection. I never read them anymore. I have one major task in life now and I just want to focus on that. Once that’s done I can think about more books.

  2. Jennifer avatar

    I totally hear you, Charlotte. “Moving on to a new stage in life” seems to happen constantly with children in the house! I have had good memories of sewing out of my books just like these. But then it is time to move on, and I gave many away to friends. Rest assured that there will always be new Japanese books in the areas of your interest to satisfy ALL your needs. 🙂 I go to bookstores in Tokyo several times a week, and the inspiration never stops.

    The rolling stone…yes. I feel that in my life in the form of flow, movement. The simplification of space, the flow of air and light (and look at those beautiful new views flowing past your windows!), the flow of life. Go with it.

    Good luck with your settling in, with your photography, and with changes, big and small.

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