Getting ready for Christmas

Today begins the getting-readiness for Christmas.
Everyone’s home now, off school, and work has finished for the year.

The turkey has arrived from Daylesford.
The presents have all arrived from Myriad.
My Alsace Muscat has arrived from Berry Bros.
Abel and Cole delivers the vegetables today.
Cut flowers have been bought and arranged.
I’ve found some pink tissue for wrapping.

It’s going to be a very quiet Christmas this year. My brother and Aunty Megs and the cousins have gone back to New Zealand and it’s just us. After fourteen years and only four Christmasses with family in that time I’m a bit over the initial novelty of being 25 and in London being all nonchalant and independent. I’m seriously considering having one or two more children so we can have big family Christmasses. All sat around a big rustic pine table in our future Cotswolds farmhouse, near Stroud where my family is originally from, with a roaring fire and loads of kids and grandkids and cats and dogs stealing roast turkey off the table – and horses out in the paddock for Christmas day rides.






12 responses to “Getting ready for Christmas”

  1. Karen avatar

    What a beautiful dream for your Christmas future. I have four children and we love our often noisy dinner table. There is nothing as wonderful as watching your family grow – mine now go from nine to nineteen. Funnily enough we were in New Zealand when mi e were very young and I totally understand the desire to make your own family when you don’t have much family around you. Have a wonderful Christmas x

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Hi Karen – finally back online and I can catch up on the blog! Yes I feel even more lost now we’re out here and have left London, but I just need to stick with the plan and we will settle here I know (well, possibly actually in Stroud but that’s a whole other story!!)

  2. Pauline avatar

    A lovely tree and such a cosy sitting room.
    Happy Christmas to you and yours.

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Thanks Pauline – we are finally back online and I can catch up on comments 🙂 Hope you had a lovely Christmas

  3. Gillian avatar

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Charlotte.

    I too like your dream for future Christmases – noisy, family meals are the best kind. x

  4. Yvonne @ Yvestown avatar

    What a beautiful dream! Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas.

  5. Igor avatar

    What a beautiful home! Happy holidays from Paris!

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Thanks Igor – finally got out broadband up and running – hope you had a lovely Christmas too x

  6. elisa avatar

    Beautiful words.
    Merry Christmas, Charlotte.

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Thank you Elisa. Merry Christmas (very belated!!)

  7. Raina avatar

    Heh heh, I had to laugh at your comment on my green juice fiasco on my blog….I read all your posts as well, much enjoy your blog and am definitely looking forward to seeing your new digs in the country…and can I once again say how jealous I am. Have a wonderful holiday season and much happiness in your new home in 2013…and goodness are the girls ever growing!!


    1. Charlotte avatar

      Hi Raina – well, we are here now, finally got the broadband on after almost a month! I can start reading blogs again and posting some photos now. phew!

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