Christmas at home

It was Christmas. The girls got their Sylvanians and they are happy. I got a big surprise present – the Herve Chapelier bag! Who’d have thought? Rufus guarded the dinner table and the bottle of Bolly. The Daylesford turkey was a huge success – we’ve been eating the most delicious turkey stock soup for days now. We’ve seen friends and neighbours and actually had the best Christmas we’ve had in years.

Our neighbours were away and arrived back on Christmas day, so I bought all their groceries, made pate and gave them Christmas pudding and flowers. It was wonderful having somebody to do that for. They had us over for drinks with some of their friends the other night. The girls had such a great time hanging out with the older kids until midnight. We had another local family over for cake and the children wreaked havoc upon the house for two hours while we left them to it! And tomorrow it’s New Year’s party with another family two doors down. It does make us sad to be leaving the tight-knit community we have in our street. It’s another slice of life to remember and cherish. A really lovely end to a lovely era.







6 responses to “Christmas at home”

  1. Igor avatar

    This sounds and looks like a beautiful Christmas feast!! I’m wishing you a fab new year & here’s to lots of inspiration and happiness in 2013!

  2. Gillian avatar

    Your Christmas sounds lovely, Charlotte – so nice that you are friendly with your neighbours. Sylvanian Families featured in our Christmas too…hello Canal Boat and cafe- hours of fun. Gillian x

  3. Anna avatar

    Sounds like the perfect Christmas to me! Here’s wishing you a happy new year and fabulous 2013 in your new home where hopefully you will quickly start to build a new community and era. I look forward to your Christmas update in 12 months time 🙂 xx

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Hi Anna, well, we finally have broadband I can begin to transmit our progress of settling in…

  4. Frau Haselmayer avatar

    I have never heard of Sylvanians but I do like the cat family. Yes, I am fully aware that this makes me sound like four year old 😉

    Happy New Year!

    1. Charlotte avatar

      The cat family is very cute – we have cat babies now 🙂 and cat cars!

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