Little interior snippets

It’s taken weeks of unravelling, arranging, throwing away, sorting and fine-tuning and at last the little dining area is almost done. My job as a UX was pretty much the same – refining information or commands down into the perfect order, of the perfect amount of the right thing. Looking at my Pinterest boards now though I realise it does need quite a bit of prettying up with bunting and tea lights and flowers.

I have to say, this is a small house. The kitchen has precisely two cupboards and a larder and now some shelves, so the old pine pantry I bought at Rona Road is now our kitchen cupboard, and our big chest of drawers that won’t go up the stairs is now the kitchen drawers.

If we owned this place I’d be putting an extension out the front and if I was really clever I’d hire a scaffold tower and build an amazing roof terrace so I could just open my office doors in Summer and work outside, overlooking the incredible countryside that surrounds us. That would be fantastic! Dom and Gill have done something similar. An office in the treetops! What a gorgeous house they created.

Some additions would certainly give us a bigger space – but we’re renting and saving to buy another place in a year or two. And then I will really be able to extend and build up and out and even down if I like (subject to planning permission of course). I am just itching to get my hands on our own house to decorate which does mean this is going to be a year of budgeting, not going crazy in the garden and waiting patiently until we have our own place to lavish with love.







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