Bless this day our daily bread

White spelt bread – recipe at Lovely Food

This was in the back of my mind this morning. And I think it’s not quite the right words for the Lord’s Prayer. Which we used to say every morning at school. But it reminded me to find the verse I heard at the Wynstones open day the other week. Something I so vividly recalled from my formative years that was reawakened.

I look out into the world
Wherein there shines the Sun
Where glimmer all the stars,
Where lie the silent stones
The plants that live and grow
The beasts that feel and move
Where man in soul creates
A dwelling for the spirit.

I look inward to the soul
That lives within my being
The spirit of God is weaving
In sunlight and in soul-life
In heights of world without
In depths of soul within.

Spirit of God to thee
I turn myself in seeking
That strength and grace and skill
For learning and for work
May live and grow in me.

Rudolf Steiner






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