Four oh dreams

Well. Here it is. My fortieth birthday.

I felt the sun rise in Aotearoa last night here in the UK. The girls and I danced and danced and laughed and laughed. Spinning her around, Astrid was happy as she could be. I felt the world move. It was pure love and joy.

This past year I’ve been thinking about forty. And the responsibility it brings. It really is time now to complete my projects. It really is time to make some proper money of my own – not working for other people. It really is time to take charge of my life and stick to my plans. Not to allow myself to be distracted and let myself slack off.

It’s time to dream my biggest dreams and make them come true.

This year I’m putting all my energy into writing my first book and app. Then I’d like to be able to move out to Gloucester or East Sussex, buy a little house to begin with – and cover the kids school fees. Once that’s done, a series of little canteens in cities around the world.

WORK harder.
I AM the BOSS of me.






14 responses to “Four oh dreams”

  1. Shin avatar

    Happy 40th. You know what they say, life begins at 40. I’ll turn 43 this year and there is a certain truth in it. I hope you’ll make your biggest dream come true. 2013 seems to be a year of resolutions all around. I too want to write a book. Let’s hope we’ll both succeed! Good luck.

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Hi Shin – I think life really does begin at 40. Doing pretty well so far – great things are happening!!! And yes, we will write our books!!

  2. samantha jones avatar

    happy birthday! enjoy. i have loved my 40’s, and i hope you will too.

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Hi Samantha – the 40s are going well so far!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes x

  3. Heleen Webb avatar

    Happy birthday Charlotte! Sending you good wishes and some Auckland sunshine xx

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Hey Heleen – great to hear from you. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I hear you guys had a bit of a dry Summer?

  4. leonie avatar

    happy birthday sweet pea – from one feb birthday girl to another. xx

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Hey Miss Pisces. How was your birthday? How are you doing??

  5. Loraine avatar

    Happy belated birthday wishes. Thank you for writing this wonderful blog and for posting those lovely photographs. May your dreams all come true for you and your family. xx

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Ah, thanks Loraine xx

  6. Anna avatar

    Ooh, I missed this one! A very belated and Happy 40th Birthday to you Charlotte. Looking forward to seeing more on the book, very exciting x

    1. Charlotte avatar

      The blog and the book are tussling for my time!!

  7. Heleen Webb avatar

    yes, it’s been very dry here, worst in 30 year apparently. Glad to report we’ve had a bit of rain this weekend 🙂

  8. Sarah McCarthy-James avatar

    Belated happy 40th Charlotte. Your photos are BEAUTIFUL!

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