Ready, steady, work

Welcome to my new little attic office. It’s little alright, but now I’ve tidied and arranged it I love it. I even have my own snowy view today. The sheep are there. And there’s the valley. My view changes every day and I love watching the seasons go by.

This is where I…
Write my recipes every day – I use IA Writer for day to day writing and I store all my files on Dropbox.
Colour-correct photos using my second favourite software – Lightroom.
Read and send emails – I really do try to limit this. I’d love to only check once a day.
Make calls – I love making phone calls on my beautiful new black GPO phone – best part of my day!
Write letters – something I would like to do more of.
It’s a proper office! I love it. I love being here and running my own show.

Floral boxes and yellow trays by Laura Ashley. Black vintage style pushbutton phone by GPO. Vase by Campbell Hegan. Flowers from Daylesford Organic Farm. Large print by Elisabeth Dunker. Red Riding Hood print by Camilla Engman. Coaster is a Cath Kidston Spot Stone flooring sample from Harvey Maria. Children’s Lamy fountain pen from Selfridges. Notebook by Jill Bliss. Liberty bias tape from Selvedge. Butterfly garland from la Galerie Vegetale.






21 responses to “Ready, steady, work”

  1. Yvonne @ Yvestown avatar

    It’s beautiful C!!! Really you’ve got so much lovely light up there.

    1. Charlotte avatar

      The light is amazing – especially when it’s about to rain or snow and the sun peeps in. Love it!

  2. Igor avatar

    Beautiful & inspiring!

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Thanks Mister! Shame I missed you at MTB in London last weekend. SO wish I had been able to make it!!! Yvonne got my name tag though.

  3. Pauline avatar

    A lovely place. I love the bright light and when you need a little break…just look outside.
    I like the phone too.
    Hugs, Pauline

    1. Charlotte avatar

      It’s a good phone isn’t it Pauline!! And the view, yes, it’s very calming. x

  4. Anna avatar

    It’s gorgeous! I’m very jealous. Looks so bright and fresh and what a lovely view. Bet you never want to leave it 🙂

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Ah, Anna – it’s gorgeous. Little bits of green are appearing across the valley. I can only hope for Spring. Soon.

  5. jeanne henriques avatar

    Wonderful blog…well done! Found you via BYW class. 🙂

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Thanks so much Jeanne!

  6. Pauline avatar

    Hi Charlotte, I just wanted to let you know that I have used you as one of my ‘blogs that rock’ for this week’s homework. I hope you don’t mind!

    1. Charlotte avatar

      That’s amazing – thanks so much Pauline. I don’t mind one bit – I am thrilled x

  7. Sarah McCarthy-James avatar

    Hello Charlotte. I am featuring your beautiful blog in my homework ‘Blogs that Rock’ on the Holly Becker Blogging Your Way course. Your blog is beautiful. I emigrated from the UK over twenty years ago. Your beautiful photographs bring back so many happy memories. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Hi Sarah – I LOVE your blog! So glad you said hello – how on earth did I miss yours? It’s gorgeous. Thanks for getting in touch and great to meet you – thanks so much for saying hi!!

    2. Charlotte avatar

      Sarah – I have added your blog to my blogs that rock list – I LOVE your blog – all the amazing yellow things in your popup shop. Brilliant!!

  8. Sarah McCarthy-James avatar

    Hi Charlotte
    Thank you for your lovely comments. Please keep in touch via my blog. I am looking forward to also sharing your journey and lovely photographs.
    Sarah x

  9. Sarah McCarthy-James avatar

    HI Charlotte thank you for adding me to Blogs that Rock. You are so sweet.

  10. alena avatar

    Dear Charlotte, i did include your blog in my list too…i like your stories.

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Hallo Alena – vielen Dank!!! Das freut mich unheimlich daß Du mein Blog schön findest. Ganz toll!!xx

  11. Nathalie avatar

    Hi there, just wanted to say hi and that I too added you to my blogs that rock list! I love your shots and the graphic design elements that you’ve incorporated into your posts. I’ve added you to my reader so looking forward to following your blog!

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Hi Nathalie – thanks so much – I really am so happy you like my blog!! Yours is gorgeous – I’ve just been over to say hi. Great to meet you xx

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