Hop Hop. Time for Easter crafting supplies!

Because I get upset when good things sell out I bought our Easter crafting supplies last week. March 29th is Good Friday and Easter Monday is April the 1st. This of course means I am going to have the kids at home for two whole weeks so I needed a bit of budget for Easter making. Thanks Dad for that.

I remember one of my first Easters at Oxford Terrace, where I grew up in New Zealand. We blew eggs at school, and I of course dyed mine yellow. To match my bedroom walls, and all the flowers in my garden. I hung it up above my bed and I loved that Easter egg. It must have been one of the first things I ever made at Michael Park School. And when I was an exchange student in Germany we dyed eggs too.

So to keep tradition alive, the girls will now always have Egg dyeing at Easter. The holidays will see us busy blowing our eggs. I like duck eggs best because they are white and take the colours better. Then we’ll go out in the woods to find a suitable fallen branch to make the Easter tree.

To keep the Easter Bunny happy we’re also going to make a little Spring-Easter scene under our Easter Tree, with wooden Ostheimer toys and a felted garden. We’ll make a colourful felt mat with flowers and grass – it’s easy using a felting needle with a thick sponge to work on – I’ll show you how to do that later this week.

My Easter shopping list






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  1. OhAbigail avatar

    Lovely post – we should definitely have a go. We have got quite a collection of Ostheimer animals now, they are ace!

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