Umbrella love

(1.) Kayyam by Osborne and Little  (2.) Dots and Ladybirds by Lisbeth Dahl  (3.) Bloomsbury walking umbrella by Fulton  (4.) Cotswold Walker by Radley  (5.) Orla Kieley Tulip  (6.) Cath Kidston Spot Red and Navy

I’ve never managed to keep an umbrella longer than a year – they’d always get lost on the tube or the bus, or left behind at a restaurant. So many beauties gifted to lucky strangers over the years.

I often wonder about umbrella etiquette.
Is there such a thing?

Are you ever alarmed when a closed-umbrella-toting-person walks along with the handle facing downwards and forwards, the pointy base spike projecting upwards behind them, jauntily aiming up and down backwards and forwards with each step they take. They could poke a child’s eye out!

Or is it just me?

Then, when it’s actually raining and everyone has them up, in, say, Oxford Street it’s quite a job to avoid all the little spikey spokes of similar-heighted persons’ umbrellas. Unless of course they raise their umbrella to avoid you, or angle it sideways, invariably swiping a fellow pedestrian or their umbrella along the way. They apologise or hurry by, their umbrella awkwardly buffeting against the still-chilly British April wind. On the bus people try not to get too wet from all the dripping umbrellas assembled by everyone’s legs.

Organised people have an umbrella cover.
I am never one of those people. I have already lost my umbrella by now.

Having grown up in rainy old Auckland, I’d often walk around barefoot in the warm rain in my raincoat. In fact, I’m all for a good waterproof hat and raincoat for wet weather marching through the homeward-bound-worker-filled streets of London.

But, now we’re in the country and I have nowhere to lose an umbrella perhaps it’s time to consider one.

Really though, the only reason I’m even thinking about umbrellas right now is because I do so love the Kayyam umbrella (no. 1 above), part of the new Persian Garden collection from Osborne & Little. I can just see myself in an ancient persian garden, the Spring sun is gently shining, a warm breeze sways the date palms. I lie on a bed of plump velvet cushions, my Kayyam umbrella giving light shade… *sigh*.

Research tells me it’s a limited edition and only available at their Kings Road showroom. And that was in February. I think I’ve missed my chance. Perhaps in a parallel universe I’ve already owned it and left it behind on the number 24 bus on the way home from work for a lucky stranger to find and cherish.






10 responses to “Umbrella love”

  1. jeanne henriques avatar

    This post made me smile, we moved away from England last year to Vietnam and still I think about umbrellas…they have the best in England. I wrote about it on a blog I kept while living in England…I can’t seem to let go, it was the thought of umbrellas that drew me back.

    I say buy your favourite and add to the collection. I do not regret mine, they have become perfect sun umbrellas. When we lived in the land of hte long white cloud (Remuera)…we used them often but I never found any as lovely as the ones I discovered in London… enjoy!

    Jeanne~ Collage of Life

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Forget the Auckland shops – pah! Although Newmarket and Remuera aren’t bad. One of the reasons I can’t leave the UK is the shopping is just too good 🙂 You are right – I’m going to have to buy the Kayyam regardless.

  2. jeanne henriques avatar

    PS..I found you via the BYW course.. 🙂

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      I was wondering… I found you via my stats a few weeks back – love all your adventurous stories!!

  3. Karen avatar

    I have a love hate relationship with umbrellas, they look lovely but they always get in the way. I think they are used less in the country that in the town. Instead I would invest in a very good coat and hat, you need both hands to balance as you trudge through mud! They are very pretty though…..

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Hi Karen – definitely a hat and coat for country walks! Being my mother’s daughter I have a hat for every day of the week!

  4. Heleen Webb avatar

    You should check out the lovely umbrellas that Citta do here in NZ. Tom Waits was probably talking about yours when he said ‘I never buy umbrellas, ’cause there’s always one around’. 🙂

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Tom Waits has all my umbrellas!

  5. Raina avatar

    Ha! had a bit of a giggle reading this – love the umbrellas but in my world you need a shovel. We got 20 cm of snow in Calgary yesterday; I got my workout clearing the driveway. The snow was SO heavy. My yard still looks like it’s Christmas it’s so white. Kind of depressing actually. I am ready for spring, but in Calgary that usually does not happen until around the middle or end of May.

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Raina – when it kept on snowing here and just wouldn’t stop being winter I did think to myself at least we’re not in Canada!!

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