Let the light shine in

When VELUX® asked if I’d look at some skylight inspiration I was happy to, because I think light is such an important factor in a home, and indeed personal happiness.

I love to sleep where I can see the sky. Especially in summer with the late sunsets, I love to watch the stars and moon appear, and the light shimmering into my room – and wake up at dawn to see the beautiful soft light outside.

I’ve gone a bit Pinterest mad lately and have been finding so many amazing interiors with VELUX windows to be inspired by for next year and our new home! The house we’re aiming to buy will be a 3 bedroom victorian semi detached house. Our other option will be to buy a converted barn. I’m a huge fan of barn conversions – having grown up in big open plan New Zealand houses my parents built. Mum and Dad were forever buying and doing up or building new homes and since we sold our beautiful place in Auckland I feel a bit lost without a big house project to work on.

So instead I am working on it in my mind. Visualising our new home, happy if we go barn conversion or Victorian Terrace. Once we paint everything white and strip the carpets and wax the floorboards and put in a new kitchen and bathroom it will then be time to let in some light. I am hoping any barn conversion will already be filled with skylights. And if we do go Victorian Terrace there will be an attic conversion.

I have found some super wonderful inspiration to help me with my dreams.

The first is a loft apartment in Copenhagen done by the The Apartment. I love the dusty pinks, which fit perfectly into my muted pastels colour palette. The black floor really sets off the pale colours and of course the light streaming in is beautiful. The Apartment has an amazing portfolio of work and an incredible inventory of furniture, rugs and art.

Foster House is done my absolute dream home style. It’s rustic but delicate, all white with beautiful natural floorboards and the lovely high sloping ceilings with all that light coming in. Utter perfection for me. They have quite a few different spaces which they rent out for location shoots – as well as a wedding venue.

Middle Copenhagen loft apartment by The Apartment
Top and Bottom Foster House, film and photography location Kent

Written by Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets in cooperation with VELUX – all opinions are my own






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    Wow, i’d love to live like that. It’s so gorgeous 🙂

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