A little white Cotswolds cottage bathroom


Our current bathroom must be the smallest bathroom I’ve lived with so far. You need to close the door to open the airing cupboard door, but it’s functional nonetheless. And, did I mention pretty? Because pretty is one thing our bathroom most definitely is.

In true Cotswolds farm cottage style the bathroom fittings are very traditional. The porcelain is all by Burlington and the fittings are Bristan. Baileys Home and Garden do a similar 1930s three piece bathroom set which is gorgeous.

Since my last birthday (a bit of a milestone one) I have suddenly begun to love The White Company. I always liked them but was really into all sorts of colours and mixing things up. Since we stayed at Daylesford’s Honeysuckle cottage I have grown to love everything The White Company does . You see Honeysuckle was all Daylesford in the kitchen but the rest of the house was White Company. Lovely textures and cotton and linen in different shades of white. So this month I’ve slowly been replacing the bright towels we’ve collected over the years (really good ones I must add) and the IKEA bathmats and baskets, and slowly slowly it’s becoming a White Company bathroom.

Initially it was a bit of a shock. An all white and grey room. I love it. But can it be me? Absolutely I say – let the flowers be the colour!


Where to buy: Egyptian Cotton white towels and facecloths, Grey Hamman hand towels, Toulon bathmat all by The White Company. Grey tiger flower voile dressing gown by Susannah Cotton. Cleanser and face mask by REN. Handcream, body scrub and soya candle by Karmameju. Kid’s body wash Weleda. Shampoo and Conditioner A’kinPink latte cup by IKEA. White latte cup by Habitat. Fleur de lis glass by Anthropologie. Flowers from our garden. Floral lei from Karangahape Road, Auckland.





9 responses to “A little white Cotswolds cottage bathroom”

  1. Yvonne @ Yvestown avatar

    It’s absolutely perfect and so clean and fresh. So far the best bathroom I know you’ve ever had!!! I love that bathmat, I’ve bought something similar as my (future) bathroom will be all white.

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Yes! I noticed the bathmat on your Pinterest last night! The things I would change would be to paint the floorboards white instead of the seagrass – and put white tiles around the bath instead of glass. But it is all lovely and new and proper. Can’t wait to see your white bathroom.

  2. rosa avatar

    Absolutely lovely!

  3. Lori avatar


    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Thank you Lovely Twitter friend now we don’t use Flickr that much any more. Do you use Flickr still? I really ought to, right?

      1. Lori avatar

        i hardly ever use it now, but i still upload my photos there for safekeeping; i just mostly mark them private. 😛

  4. Raina avatar

    Stunning – definitely my kind of bathroom. I love white.

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      I love white too, and you have impeccable taste from what I’ve seen of your beautiful home xx

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