Almond milk and raspberry soft serve ice cream

With the warm weather upon us I’ve been able to indulge my love for soft serve ice cream – hand made of course.

The girls and I eat this for breakfast every day. And every day we choose a different variety of frozen fruit for a different flavour. Some days it’s mango, others strawberry, vanilla – you choose!

Recipe at Lovely Food





4 responses to “Almond milk and raspberry soft serve ice cream”

  1. Anna avatar

    Ooh yum! Going to try this myself!

  2. Aviva Ozin avatar

    Love this recipe – really keen to try it, but would need prepare it before hand and ideally freeze it, do you think it will still be as good?

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Hi Aviva – this recipe wouldn’t freeze so well as the liquid crystallises.

      When I make ice blocks (ice lollies) I add carrageenan from as per their instructions which stops ice crystals forming – but it does freeze into solid shapes, not a soft serve ice cream. They do sell ice cream softeners – so with a bit of experimentation I’m sure it could retain its softness after freezing. I have tried making this and freezing it and defrosting it and it wasn’t quite the same.

      It takes literally 60 seconds to make, so is very easy to prepare when you need it – as long as you have your blender to hand!

  3. Aviva Ozin avatar

    Wow – thanks for all that info, will go for making them as I serve them then and will now keep an eye on this wonderful blog too.

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