Hark, hark! The bluebells are out

We had some lovely weather this weekend – and a lovely trip to Foxholes to see the bluebells in bloom. Edith took her camera and Astrid played by her favourite tree in the clearing where the bluebells flower. We came here last year, on one of our trips to Daylesford.

To get to Foxholes, take the road in from Foscot, near Kingham, and hope it hasn’t rained – or you’ll need to park by the houses before you get to the car park – as the road can get quite flooded and it’s impossible to reverse back once you’re in!

It’s a fast ten minute walk up the grassy path to the bluebell woods. There’s a lovely babbling brook running alongside the path which turns to head down through the bluebell woods. This is where Astrid and Edith love to play – there’s a fallen branch that we place on the V of a bigger tree and they bounce up and down on it for ages before heading down to the brook to poke at things with sticks.

Foxholes is a classic storybook childhood adventure. A place to play hide and seek. A place to pretend you’re a knight riding a horse with a heavy silver sword. A place to play I spy with mum and dad and a place to explore by the little brook. Wildflower patches play home to fairies in the woodland, and out in the dry tussocky fields cows amble along, paying scarce attention to passers by.

The girls love coming here to our clearing in any season – Bluebell time in May is so pretty – stay tuned for Foxgloves in July.

Thanks to Lands’ End for Mum’s outfit – fantastically comfy attire for country days out in our unpredictable weather.  I keep a pair of nice boots in the car to dress my outfit up for a nice drink at The Feathered Nest  after our walk. Doesn’t the lovely blue linen match the bluebells well!!

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4 responses to “Hark, hark! The bluebells are out”

  1. Heart Felt avatar

    How wonderful, would love to walk among bluebells like that. Gorgeous. Jx

  2. Lorre avatar

    Love the hat – looks great on you 🙂

  3. Pauline avatar

    A magical forest.

  4. Gillian avatar

    I love bluebells, you can’t beat a walk in a bluebell-filled wood. You look good in that outfit by the way, I really like your blue shirt. x

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