Pin it forward – Pinterest UK official launch

My first experience with Pinterest was in September 2010 when Alison sent me an invite. Chris Jones was my first follower and Yvonne was my second.

At that time I often used the interface design for work inspiration as so many of the sites I was working on were all about curating personal collections or organising and displaying many different images. I don’t think I actually pinned many images to my boards at all – back then all I did was work like crazy and come home and go to bed. So there was no time for pinning for pleasure.

These days however I do have time for Pinterest. Much as I like to think I could work after I’ve got the kids to bed I just can’t – so nights are my Pinterest time and I love it as my relaxation hobby.

I really enjoy seeing the inspiring images people pin and I like to repin things to my own boards that sit perfectly with my aesthetic. It’s interesting following an image back to its original source and finding out more about a certain interior, product, stylist or photographer. Images pinned from Tumblr are something I avoid – in those instances the marvellous img-src plugin works its magic to find the original source.

The most fun way to pin is to find new and original things away from Pinterest – and when you pin the image you can see who else has already pinned it – a great way to discover new people with similar taste. Which leads on to yet more visual discoveries.

And now with the focus on buying ourselves a home to live in I have set up a board called A&B new home. Pinner extraordinaire Anna H sometimes pins with me. She taught me a lot about pinning when I asked her how she does it (read the Anna H Pinning with Love interview here). The A&B new home board is where I put the more realistic and achievable dreams that are in keeping with my sense of style and the kind of house we imagine we’ll buy. The kinds of images that are saved here are all very much white country interiors with a modern rustic feel.

Growing up in a family that bought and renovated and built houses I am very keen one day to design and build a modern home. Inspiration for that wonderful future dream resides on my Interiors board.

And, without further ado I have three amazing pinners to introduce today as part of the Pinterest Pin it Forward campaign to mark their official and proper launch in the UK.

Cherry Menlove
The lovely Cherry, a homemaker who loves to say I love you. GO and get some of Cherry’s Pinterest love here.

Nina Taylor
The lady with the dream job, Nina is Head Wallpaper Stylist at Graham & Brown. Nina has the best Pinterest board of DIY wallpaper projects. This could keep me busy for a lifetime!

Fleur de Londres
Student of interior design, mummy and entrepreneur Natalia writes for MyDeco and is one of the Modenus Top 100 Interiors blogs. Check out her pins for pretty food, opulent interiors and elegant fashion.

What about you?
Are you a pinner?
What are your favourite things to pin?
And where do you get your inspiration?
Please add a link to your Pinterest in the comments section below!

And if you’re not on Pinterest yet, go ahead and sign on up today.






10 responses to “Pin it forward – Pinterest UK official launch”

  1. Jessica avatar

    I pin house stuff too 🙂 we are renovating a massive 70s home in Auckland and I just love finding ideas and using Pinterest to keep them all together.

  2. Lauren Michaels avatar

    Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward UK, Charlotte! You have found amazing inspirations on Pinterest and it’s great to hear that you have discovered new pinners with similar interests as you! Your Interiors board is filled with beautiful designs, I especially love Nordquist Residence by John Lum Architecture. Your dream home is going to be incredible! Lauren, Community Coordinator

  3. Nina Taylor avatar

    Hi lovely boards filled brim full of ideas and inspirations I love your MAKE board happy pinning x

  4. Sian avatar

    I use Pinterest in much the same way – it’s my evening wind-down after the kids are in bed. I think it’s even less taxing than reading an interiors magazine which is perfect! I shall enjoy discovering your Pinterest boards later and the ones you recommended.

    Thanks also for sharing the src img link – it has long frustrated me that I can’t find the original source for Tumblr pics so that’s a brilliant tool to know about.

  5. […] big thankyou to Charlotte from the blog Anknel and Burblets for introducing me on her blog yesterday you can follow her yummy pinterest boards here I LOVE her […]

  6. […] popping in super early today as I have been asked to be part of the Pinterest launch in the UK. Charlotte from Anknel & Burblets emailed to tell me that she was going to be a part of it and did I want to join in. I love […]

  7. Marie @ Substance of Living avatar


    Hi! Pinning is my new way of tearing out pictures from magazines. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing and letting us join in with our pinterest page. My pinterest is


  8. alena avatar

    Hi Charlotte!
    It’s not so long ago i discovered pinterest and i REALLY love it. It’t such an easy way to organize ideas and projects. I especailly love it for the DIYs and the Interiors and food! I also discovered nice blogs by searching for the source.

    You can find me here:

    <3 Alena

  9. Eda Esiroglu avatar
    Eda Esiroglu

    I’m addicted to Pinterest!! Its a great outlet for creative inspiration, I’m now not cutting out pictures from magazines, newspapers (well not as much anyway 🙂 )

    My pinterest link is :

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Thanks Eda – and thank you for sharing your boards xx

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