Petite bedroom

Kids bedroom

The littlest room in the littlest house. It’s my favourite (when it’s tidy).  An abundance of colour and pretty things, the girls love throwing everything on the floor and jumping on their beds. Hooray! I love it when it’s tidy – and we regularly comb through the mess and purge any plastic that may have crept into the house when we weren’t looking.

Kids bedroom

The amazing pink felt floor rug is from Plümo – it’s so vibrant and gorgeous!! It matches the Donna Wilson Owlie very nicely and the makeshift red velvet curtain – made from velvet I bought at Trelise Cooper’s amazing fabric shop, which has since closed down.

Kids bedroom

The doll’s house has been Farrow and Balled in London Clay, Charleston Grey and white. All part of my concerted effort to remove all unpainted wood from the house. And it makes a very good home for the Sylvanians and their cars.

Kids bedroom

Meanwhile more Ostheimer African animals are grazing by the fairy-light fireplace on the edge of the pink Plümo rose garden.

Kids bedroom

Astrid’s crocodile came from Pollock’s in Soho – just down the road from my old work. Edith got a matching dinosaur! Watch out for the shop owner who will tell you he only has one and it was actually going to be a gift but because he likes you he’ll let you buy it…

Kids bedroom

The two Paddingtons were from Fortnum and Mason, an assortment of JellyCat friends – and a few other familiar faces hiding in there if you look closely…

Kids bedroom

Astrid and Edith love their new duvet covers from Joules. We chose the Pink Farmyard one but they love them most on the reversible dots side. I made their little travel duvets when they were babies, using Cath Kidston cotton duck and Linnet Cotton voile. I filled them with thick wadding and tacked the fabric together with linen thread. They are brilliant for long journeys and lying on the sofa!

Kids bedroom

Astrid’s dolly, Rosemary, whom you’ve all seen already – a lovely Christmas present a few years back, made by Dalston Dolls. The wool blanket was made by the St Paul’s handwork teacher, Cecilia – we bought it from the St Paul’s Advent Fair a couple of years back.

Kids bedroom

And finally, the painting above the fireplace is by Ande Barrett Hegan. It tells the story of the moment I decided I would totally change my life plans and have children after all.  A decision made after a discussion on a beach in Brazil. The nasturtiums were added as a New Zealand garden touch – when Astrid was born she looked like she’d appeared from under a pumpkin leaf – obviously that had nasturtiums growing nearby.

Do you have any special things your child treasures with little stories behind them?

Huge thanks to Plümo for providing the pink felt rug and Joules for the duvet covers and pillow cases







12 responses to “Petite bedroom”

  1. Gillian avatar

    It’s a beautiful room. I love it all but especially the way you perfectly matched the toys on the mantle to the colours in the painting. Lovely attention to detail. x

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      That was a very happy accident Gillian! I just noticed it after I processed the photos x

  2. Rosa avatar

    Adorable details! Also the green from the Window!

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      It’s lovely isn’t it Rosa! So lucky to have trees right outside.

  3. Daniela avatar

    How lovely Charlotte! Everything looks so beautiful and cozy… the doll’s house is just adorable…

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      The doll’s house is great isn’t it – I really think the Farrow and Ball makes it!!

  4. Lorraine avatar

    The bedrooms look like they are loved and cherished, what lucky children.

  5. jeska avatar

    Such a lovely space for your girls, and such lovely toys they have. I still have some of my Sylvanian’s ha! But mine never travelled in such style!

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      The girls just adore their Sylvanians!! They’ll be on the Christmas list for sure x

  6. Emma White avatar

    Oh I just adore it, puts my little box room to shame, its a dream bedroom for sure and looks more suitable to be a show home lol x Looks amazing x

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Ha! That’s a great compliment Emma!! It doesn’t always look like this – I’ll tell you that.

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