The little living room, a lovely new chair, and beautiful new cushions

Cornwell Living Room

Well, we are nearing the end of the little house series. The little house that has seen us tucked away in a happy little corner of The Cotswolds. Our little place, by our favourite place, Daylesford Farm. Only the kitchen and the garden left – and by that time our purpose here will have been fulfilled and we’ll be off again, off on the next big adventure.

Now, I must say, I very rarely set foot in the living room apart from getting the kids to tidy up all the toys that get left lying around on the floor. The girls owned the living room – they’d sit on the big red sofa and watch Studio Ghibli DVDs, occasionally arguing about which Peter Rabbit episode they’re going to put on. We, on the other hand, never seemed to have the time to sit down and relax in the living room.

Until now.

Cornwell Living Room

Cornwell Living Room

Cornwell Living Room

Until Argos, very generously, sent A&B this utterly gorgeous Habitat Wilmot armchair – so now the grown ups find themselves wanting to be in the living room a lot more. In fact they now go so far as making time to relax, because everyone wants to sit in the new armchair, with one of the new cushions, and spend a quiet moment reading, or simply watching the world go by.

The beautiful new armchair really did warrant some new cushions being made.

The last time I made any was when we were in Mt Albert, during my Swedish Vintage Linens cushion phase in January 2008. This time I used fabrics from the old stash from back in the day. I paired a Lotta Jansdotter grey and yellow from Leslie, with an incredible coated lilac cotton from Alison.

Cornwell Living Room

Cornwell Living Room

Who remembers Repro Depot? Oh I miss that place. And I haven’t shopped at Superbuzzy since I’ve been back in the UK because of the huge import duties on anything over $18. The lovely black and blue blossom print is a Hinemosu Notari print – I think from KOKKA. I wanted to back these ones with an indigo linen, so I used a mix of Dylon Navy and Ocean blue on a piece of linen I had left over from curtain making when we were last in Mt Albert.

Oh, it all makes me all so nostalgic for those times long gone.

Cornwell Living Room

Cornwell Living Room

The new armchair has brought a specialness to our living room – it’s helped me dust off the sewing machine I love so much, get out some fabrics that I’d been saving for something special, and create something beautiful. Each with a little story and memories of old friends interwoven in their threads. And that indeed is a thing of beauty.

Want to make your own cushion cover? Maybe use up some precious fabric? I’ve put together a cushion cover tutorial here.

Cornwell Living Room

Cornwell Living Room

Brompton table lamp by Garden Trading. Coffee table painted in Railings (I’m going for the distressed look with one coat and a good sand). Red velvet sofa from Heals (seconds department on the second floor). Carpet from eBay (just search antique persian carpets). Painting by Ande Barrett-Hegan.

Massive thanks to Argos for the Habitat Wilmot Armchair. Check out their great range of sofas and armchairs – they’ve got something to suit any budget.

Cornwell Living Room

Download instructions for making a cushion cover with a hidden zip.







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  1. Lorraine avatar

    Your lounge looks very stylish, the new chair fits in well, I wouldn’t have known Argos stocked Habitat. I love your painting, beautiful.

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Hi Lorraine – yes I never realised they stocked Habitat either. And yes, great painting isn’t it 🙂 thanks for stopping by.

  2. vanessa avatar

    Hey, I love your blog great work 😉 Please come check mine out, if you decide to follow me, leave me a comment and I’ll follow you back 🙂 XxXx

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