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All the way back in April I made a special trip into London for Hannah’s flower workshop at Anthropologie. I’m so glad because it really has changed the way I look at flowers for the home. The ten minutes Hannah spent with me helping me with my flower arrangement has improved my flower arranging skills beyond anything I could have imagined!

Really, it was very simple. Make a little posy, tie the flowers at the neck, and cut the stalks a lot shorter than you think you should so you just get flowers, and not stem, above the neckline of your vessel.

Since then we have had posy after posy gracing our home.
All freshly picked from our secret Victorian garden that has sprung up out of the lawn.
Following Hannah’s method, I bring the flowers in, lay them out on the table and pick them up one stem at a time, holding the growing posy in my left hand. Once it’s of a suitable size I tie the neck with jute string, snip the stems short and into a lovely jar or vase they go.

If you’ve been watching my blog you’ll have seen the results in my interiors series of our current house.

The book itself is a marvel. Full of tips and advice on table settings – cutlery, plates and glassware. All most beautifully illustrated – and photographed on film by the very clever Charlotte Bland, an old Flickr friend from, gosh, 2007.

I have my copy to give away – I love it so much I want to share it with one of my readers as a way of saying thanks for reading my blog. To go into the draw just leave a comment below. I will draw the winner in approximately two weeks four weeks (July 28th August 7th).

Ts & Cs: Competition is open to A&B blog readers as a thank you for reading! You can enter from anywhere in the world, but I will probably post economy post as it’s a hardcover book 🙂

The Set Table:





The Set Table, flower workshop at Anthropologie, Kings Road, April 2013



















37 responses to “The Set Table – reader giveaway”

  1. Max avatar

    I always though it was the lack of a suitable vessel that made my flowers look not right. But now with a shelf full of varied vessels i have to conclude its the arranging. I shall try your tip.

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      That’s the secret! Short stems!

  2. Ruzana avatar

    The book looks lovely, as does your photos. i keep scrolling back up to look at all those vessels and flowers . I’ve always been too afraid to cut too much off, thinking I’ll ruin the arrangement for sure.

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      It’s amazing the difference it makes. I was too afraid to start with too. Funny isn’t it!

  3. Sharyn avatar

    I’m so jealous – I’d love to go to a flower arranging class at Anthropologie in London! Oh well, I’ll keep picking flowers from around my farm and practising. This book would be a big inspiration.

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Ha, yes Kings Road is amazing to visit from the farm 🙂 I was beside myself with excitement and wonder going back into London!

  4. Jade Sheldon-Burnsed avatar

    Oh my, the book looks absolutely lovely! Would love a copy…

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      It is a beauty 🙂 Good luck!

  5. Suzanne Quinn avatar
    Suzanne Quinn

    Looks lovely. Did not see it at our Anthro store in the States. Fingers crossed!

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Hi Suzanne – maybe it will make it to the States one day. Yes, fingers crossed!!

  6. Lindy avatar

    Wow what a gorgeous book! How lucky you are to have spent time flower arranging at Anthropologie!

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      It certainly was a fun way to spend an afternoon 🙂

  7. Michelle avatar

    That is totally, perfectly logical. Love it! Please enter me in your gorgeous draw. Lovely photos too. Looks like a sumptuous day was had.

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Hi Michelle – yes, logical! It was a fun day indeed 🙂

  8. Michelle avatar

    Looks like a beautiful book! And I am so sad I missed that flower workshop because flowers and Anthropologie is like my idea of heaven!

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Hey Michelle – it was pretty cool. And a gorgeous setting!

  9. Shareen Earle-Greaves avatar
    Shareen Earle-Greaves

    Blooming Beautiful – “say it with flowers” puts a big grin on my face! Absolutely great snaps … Charlotte, very well done! Love this .. Have you got a signed copy? 😉 X

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      That is an excellent point Shareen. Sadly not! I ordered my copy after the workshop – too many other goodies to be carried home on the train that day…

  10. Rachel Naylor avatar

    Oh, how lovely! Would love this book! Charlotte you are my go-to for all beautiful English items. I live vicariously through you until I can fulfill my dream of living in the English countryside. 🙂

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Hello Rachel 🙂 I would love for you to visit the gorgeous English countryside – it really is totally wonderful right now in this amazing Summer weather!

  11. Daniela avatar

    What a wonderful giveway! The book looks amazing. You’re so generous Charlotte… Thank you!

  12. Jessica avatar

    Oh yes please! I am waiting on new kitchen and dining and then I’ll be setting beautiful tables 🙂

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Hi Jessica – good luck with the new kitchen!!

  13. victoria avatar

    Always happy to be inspired to try new things – particularly when flowers and other lovely bits are involved!

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Hi Victoria – this really is a very lovely and inspiring book 🙂

  14. Pamela avatar

    Your photos are beautiful and very inspiring. The book giveaway is very generous. Love your blog!

  15. Steph avatar

    We just got a new coffee table which currently only has a fruit bowl! This would be an awesome talking piece with lots of great tips for serving as well! 🙂 Fingers Crossed, good luck everyone 🙂

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Thanks Steph – good luck!

  16. Angela Beaumont avatar
    Angela Beaumont

    Wow what a gorgeous looking book!! Please enter me into the draw 🙂

  17. Leslie Whitehead avatar
    Leslie Whitehead

    This book looks very lovely. I am trying to get more modern in my kitchen dining room so Id love a copy of this book to give me ideas.

  18. Kim avatar

    That shop looks amazing, and all those flowers! Beautiful! x

  19. Shari avatar

    Looks like such a lovely book. I adore Charlotte Bland’s photography. Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. Paul Williams avatar

    This book looks great, lovely photos and a nice idea for a book! Would love to win a copy!

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Hi Paul, congrats – you are comment number 35 which makes you the winner!
      Email me your address and I’ll get the book out to you tomorrow. YAY!

  21. Alison avatar

    What a beautiful book! I love making my table look special with linen and flowers and this looks perfect for ideas.
    Gorgeous photos too of your afternoon at Anthropologie – peonies are my favourite.

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