Summer sales – my favourite (blue) dresses


Phew. At last it’s summer! And what better time for summer to actually arrive when the clothes sales are on.

I am, without doubt, a total dress-a-holic. My wardrobe is made up almost entirely of dresses. The skirts tucked away in a drawer for another day. Dresses are so easy, just add a cardigan, leggings and a pair of Summer sandals. Add or subtract layers and accessories as required.

Dresses must also be practical, so I can go from bike riding to baking to bathing kids all in the same outfit. Mud and flour must be able to be brushed off easily and dresses must be of the not-to-be-able-to-be-pulled-down-by-children kind. Strapless dresses and children who want to be picked up do not mix. Especially when you don’t want to pick said child up and they beging climbing up your dress (thus pulling dress down). That kind of thing.

The other rule of dresses for me is: they must be blue. Most variations of blue will do. Black is also good. But black is reserved for winter. Blue for summer.

Here are a few of my current (blue) favourites (that stay on when pulled by kids). All currently on sale.

I love Toast and Plümo dresses. Always a safe bet for a good navy blue tunic dress that’s guaranteed to look good on hot Summer days. And even better – their tunics work all year round for work and casual.

Jigsaw is an old favourite. Lovely classic British lines – but always feminine and pretty.

The New Look clothes sale is something you often hear women whispering about on the bus, so it’s always worth checking out just to see what you can find – they often have really nice bits in there.

I really love Brora and wish I had more clothes from this classic British brand. This cobalt blue linen dress is pretty close to perfect for me. Don’t you think it’s the classic country lanes cycling dress?

Whistles was my staple clothing shop when I was in my early 30s. They have a mix of quite fun and young designs along with the more classical pieces so you can dress yourself up or down – always with a bit of an edge.

Happy sale shopping. And happy sunshine!






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