A very merry Christmas

What a wonderful Christmas this year with so many days holiday! A whole two weeks off this year. Which is brilliant as it means I can go swimming or running every single day. Heaven knows it’s going to be needed with a Christmas ham and a duck this year. Followed by Boxing Day. Followed by Astrid’s birthday party. Followed by more relatives visiting.

And a lot of rain.

My presents to self this year have all been very cleverly bought many months in advance by me. I was very lucky indeed this year to get a stunning pair of black suede Lola pumps by Acne Studios. And a very gorgeous navy blue velvet skirt from Brora.

The girls also had some of their presents bought in advance, with them knowing what they were getting. It was a bit of a shame I couldn’t hide their new dolls from them – but we were all together at the school fair when we discovered them. I am a total sucker for beautiful handmade dolls and these are just lovely – made by one of the school mums (who is now in fact a school grand-mum).

But there was one surprise for the girls – something they have been asking for for years. They never really did go for the nice simple pine one I bought them a few years back, so this year they’ve been totally spoilt with proper girls pink dollshouses – which I discovered whilst rummaging around the children’s gifts section at TK Maxx – a great spot to pick up some big brand bargains.

Apart from the excitement of having such huge presents that were a *surprise* the girls equally loved helping dad assemble them and install them, as new pride of place, in their bedrooms and proceed to fill them with little Sylvanian families and park their Sylvanian cars on the ground floor. Beep beep!

Thanks to TK Maxx for the fabulous pressies!







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