Looking backwards to forwards

Being here has certainly given me a lot of headroom. The past few days I’ve not got both girls at school and nursery and the builders seem to not be here quite so much and things can begin to be put in place. Finishing touches. And time for reflection.

The snow’s gone now. Thank goodness. We have a lot of little neighbours here. Not people – but a wild array of birds – robins, tits, pheasants, quail and every day I see a few Hawks or Eagles as I drive up our long country lane to our house – braking for pheasants, letting the quails leap off the road into the grassy verges.

Two years ago to the day almost I was packing my bags and heading to Amsterdam. The heady days of being a UX, travelling, working crazy hours on the Nivea Rihanna project, being away from family. Being away from my little girls. I remember spending that day getting ready, taking up my jeans, packing my laptop, all my cables and plugs. I was so excited. I booked myself a hotel in Amsterdam, figuring out the cool stuff to do in the evenings, where to eat (Wagamama of course!), where to buy the girls a present (Miffy at the airport is the best!). The Jordan was the best place for shopping, but it was all work, home for Skype time, a glass of wine and a bit of TV.

One day I’d love to take the girls to Amsterdam, show them the museums, choose some bulbs together for the garden. Go to all the totally amazing interiors shops and of course buy them some Miffy things from the airport.

In the meantime the closest I’m getting to hotels is the little tree hotel I’m building in our big apple tree. The rest of the orchard is being planted next week. I hope the little birds like it!!






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