Smallable Autumn and winter tops

Clockwise from top left:
Duffle jersey sweatshirt – Mauve by Emile et Ida, Loose-fitting Dress – Charcoal Grey by L’Esprit de Luna, Tomas sweatshirt – Navy blue by Tuss, T-shirt – Old rose by L’Esprit de Luna, Jersey blouse – Taupe brown by Emile et Ida

This winter in the Lovely Shops household we are sewing up a storm of dresses and buying up a storm of tops from the most wonderful Smallable. It’s the best children’s fashion shop we’ve ever come across – with a brilliant range of clothes in our favourite colours; slate grey and dusty pink. The fabrics are thick and soft and utterly delicious for a wonderful start to our favourite season, Autumn.

SMALLable says “Our idea is to offer very beautiful things (not necessarily outrageously expensive, it’s worth pointing out !) for all children from 0 to 12 years, in the world of fashion, design, decoration and toys.”






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