Never was much of a one for curtains


These bits of fabric go back to the time I dropped Astrid on her head but at least not down the stairs when we were living in Mt Albert.

I think I might, bit by bit, return old blog posts when they are relevant to my writing. Like this one.

I still haven’t finished my Aromatherapy Diploma. I have the papers all in a box ready to send off. There’s a job if ever there was one. And I haven’t finished that blanket. But I still have the bits in exactly the same box. Oh well. Immer hin as I like to say.

These are my two favourite views in our new house. That’s a giant lie. I have a lot of favourite views. But these are my favourite curtains in the new house. I like to see the sun rise and I like to see the sun set. And I like to see the stars at night.

I never was much of a one for curtains.

If I could I’d sleep outside in a hammock. With a great big thick duvet and a lovely warm sheepskin base. Looking up at the stars. Feeling the air on my face. That’s what we did in Brazil. I spent most of my time in the hammock listening to Royksopp. And when I was in India I had a hammock where I spent most of my time listening to Thievery Corporation, Air and St Germain.

At the New Year’s eve party at the place in India I’d befriended all the staff and we ditched their hotel music and pumped my CDs through their sound system all night. I think something along the same lines happened at a big after-party in Brazil. That was back in the days before my CD collection got nicked from a party (by the bloody DJ I might add). Back in the days when I had music that wasn’t just all Chicane. Which is the only thing I listen to now.

Which reminds me also. Two things about music. One, it reminds me I finally feel the urge to start running again – I used to run to my old clubbing music – back from the Brixton days of the late 90s. And two, how Nelly, our old neighbour, did not listen to music when she ran on the Heath. She would run to the sound of her thoughts and she loved it.

She did have the benefit of being an artist who exhibits at the Venice Biennale with thoughts as strong as the waves that come in during a storm. I liked that thought and have never run with music since. That said. I haven’t run with music or no music much since then.

And I want to again.

Here’s Nellie in a video when she was artist in residence at Red Magazine last year.

What I really love right now is riding my bike, with a kid on the back (shame I can’t take two at a time) and we cruise on up the Forest Path. Picking our way and avoiding big stones, trying not to get a flat on my little city bike – remember Artemis?

We love it we love it we love it.

Until soon. I took photos of the garden in the rain this weekend too. That’s next.







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  1. Gillian avatar

    Your home has beautiful windows. Good bones, windows like that are, not like our upvc ones…

    We recently bought a Sonos and it’s transformed the way we listen to music – it’s now on constantly and the kids get involved as we try to brainwash them with our tastes. X

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