Back to The Cotswolds

For August Bank Holiday weekend we booked ourselves a little stay at Honeysuckle. Hooray! Did you know it’s been almost two years since we stayed here? We moved up here in January 2013 and moved to East Sussex almost a year ago to the day.

Late Summer at Honeysuckle Cottage – Daylesford Organic Farm

Cornwell – Park Farm

Kingham Village Green

The Feathered Nest






Outside Honeysuckle Cottage



It’s been a bit surreal visiting all our old places. And it was nice to be recognised before we’d even got to the Daylesford Farm Shop – good to see old faces still there. The girls loved going back to Shipton playground – the best playground in the UK where we spent hours of every day last Summer holidays. And today we had lunch at The Feathered Nest, our favourite pub up in Nether Westcote. We drove up through Idbury to see the expensive house we didn’t rent.

And we drove up through Cornwell to see our old house. It was a bit sad the cats couldn’t come. They loved the freedom they had up here – fields and fields of it. And the hot dusty summer track up to Hollis Hill. Past the pheasant woods. Up where I used to take them for walks. We told the story about the day Rufus got lost and I went out and called and called and called and found him in a nearby paddock. We laughed about the time I found Oscar down the road and put him in the back of the car. He stood up on his hind legs and looked out the window as we drove up the road. Oscar always liked to sit on the dashboard too when we’d pick him up and take him home in the car.

We remembered the times Edith and I rode around the lanes on my bike. The time I put Oscar in the basket and he jumped out. The time I picked her up from school and it took half an hour to walk up Kingham Hill. We listened to Saint Etienne very loud. The soundtrack of our time in Cornwell. We went to Stow, and bought shoes from Bev at Groovy Two Shoes. I got a jumper from Mangan and Web – also known by the locals as An Arm and a Leg.

In between the Stow and The Feathered Nest we zoomed up to Broadway to The Cotswold Trading Company for cheap feather-filled cushions and an on-sale British Wool blanket. The girls were super excited to go to WH Smith in Chipping Norton – their destination for sticker books and loom bands. Daylesford Farm Shop of course was our staple for groceries and fresh vegetables. Their potatoes were as sweet and amazing as ever, as were their red onions and courgettes. Delicious!

Everyone will be a bit sad to leave tomorrow. But glad to be home to see the cats and the garden. It’s reminded us how good holidays are – this being the first we’ve had since France 2012 – with many more to follow soon. Brilliant!







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  1. erin avatar

    it’s so nice to see all of you faces! hello from across the pond! sounds like you had a nice break.

    1. Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets avatar

      Hey Erin – good to hear from you. It was amazing to have a holiday again. It’s been a loooong time 🙂

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