An early Autumn garden tour

Our Garden

Well. Here it is. Our garden. Parts of it.

I think I’ve worn myself out this weekend. It’s been such glorious weather. Yesterday Kevin and A. went up to London leaving me and E. here with a whole day stretched out in front of us to happily play in the garden. In my case dig. We planted more of our slightly late seedlings – some lupins I ordered in from America – there will be beds upon beds of lupins.

We dug out the old kale and put in new spinach seedlings and pak choi for Winter (grown from seed from Stormy Hall). I spent what felt like hours taking caterpillars off brassicas. I am now a lot less squeamish about squishing them.

Sorry hungry caterpillars.

Our Garden

Our Garden

Today I dug a little bit of grass up and put down a big flat bit of sandstone for the bird feeder to live on. The birds haven’t paid it any attention while it’s up on the patio. So we’re making a bird area – trying to entice them back down to the tree they used to like.

It’s funny there aren’t that many birds in the garden. There’s no shortage of pigeons. And we have one friendly robin. This morning there were a couple of blue tits in the apple tree – but nowhere near as many as we had at the last place – where the birds *knew* there was a bird feeder. We’ll get there eventually.

Our garden

Our Garden

Our Garden

Tonight we had swiss chard and a lot of beans for dinner. It hasn’t been a bumper harvest but it’s our first year and we haven’t made the compost yet. As one can see this is being remedied. Dorothea comes once a week for two hours to guide us along the biodynamic path. This time next year it will be a very large amount of biodynamic compost. And in the coming years there will most definitely be bumper crops and maybe even some giant pumpkins for the local village show.

Our Garden

Our Garden

So there it is. A small introduction to the garden.
Finally after four years since we left Mt Albert – our own garden to love and lavish with attention. And no doubt the subject of many future posts here.

Next week we can talk about the Autumn raspberries. And with luck, birds.



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3 responses to “An early Autumn garden tour”

  1. Gillian avatar

    It’s already beautiful. I can imagine that you’re going to make it really stunning.

    Love to see so many posts from you lately – I’ve really enjoyed reading. Hope you’re well. xx

  2. Vica avatar

    Love the colours of your beautiful garden, Charlotte! and good to read from you again, bit by bit 🙂

  3. Barbara avatar

    Lovely to see you (and your wonderful garden) back, Charlotte!
    I’m inspired to keep gardening down here too 🙂
    Barbara x

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